Consultation 2017/18

Harwich Haven Authority is one the five major trust ports in the United Kingdom. As a nationally significant port we play an essential role in national and regional economies as well as in local communities.

We believe that the trust port model best suits the needs of all of our stakeholders. However, we wanted to know whether stakeholders share those views, which is why we commissioned a stakeholder consultation survey. The survey is one element of a wider engagement strategy that is focused on seeking the views of and engaging with our stakeholders.

Overwhelmingly, the responses received supported our views on our current operating model – a summary of which is presented below.

We asked stakeholders to rate a series of statements Of those stakeholders expressing an opinion
The needs of stakeholders are best met by an operating organisation that is not driven by profit and is focused on conserving, protecting and improving the environment of the Haven Ports. 98% agreed
The Harwich Haven is an important resource that should be protected and improved for future generations to enjoy. 100% agreed
I feel confident Harwich Haven Authority prioritises the safety of all users of the Haven Ports. 97% agreed
The yachting guide and tide tables issued free of charge by the Authority provide useful safety information for stakeholders using the local rivers. 100% agreed
The operational information the Authority issues is of good quality and satisfies my requirements. 98% agreed
The facilities for local and visiting leisure vessels on Ha’penny Pier are a valuable service offered by Harwich Haven Authority. 100% agreed
The Authority’s live data feeds are a useful resource. 100% agreed
The Authority provides opportunities for stakeholders to have their say. 95%  agreed
I believe that an annual public meeting provides the Authority’s stakeholders with a voice. 98% agreed
I have a good understanding of the services that the Authority provides. 91% agreed
The Authority’s new website provides comprehensive information about the Authority’s operations. 98% agreed

“I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the survey for the invaluable feedback and for their continued support of Harwich Haven Authority.”

Neil Glendinning – Chief Executive Harwich Haven Authority