Live Data

Using data generated by our internal systems we offer mariners live, up-to-the-minute hydrographical, meteorological and vessel movement data.

In response to stakeholder feedback we have created a live data ‘hub’, which provides both commercial and leisure users with the information they need to use the Haven safely.

Users can access vessels movements, wind speed, tidal prediction, wave height and temperature data in clear, easy to view formats.

All times are adjusted for british summer time (BST).

Sensor locations

No. Location Sensors Position (lat/lng)
1 Mistley Tide Height 51.945307 / 1.0868874
2 Shotley Tide height
Wind Speed (17.5MT ACD), direction and gust
51.953513 / 1.270618
3 Harwich & Navigation House Tide height
Wind speed (26.2MT ACD), direction and gust
51.947017 / 1.289981
4 Landguard Wind speed (17.5MT ACD), direction and gust 51.935818 / 1.3177108
5 Wadgate Ledge (Felixstowe) Tide height 51.933552 / 1.3442979
6 East Fort Massac (Approach) Wind speed, direction and gust
Tide height
Wave height
51.881918 / 1.5410323
7 Erwarton Beacon Wind speed, direction and gust
51.9518955 / 1.22056751