The Authority continued to focus during 2022 on its key objective of safety of navigation for vessels visiting Haven Ports, environmental stewardship, health and safety and customer service. Ensuring we deliver a safe and efficient service remains a priority for employees across our whole organisation.


Key financial indicators

Our two sources of revenue, pilotage and conservancy produced a consolidated revenue of £29.9 million in 2022 (2021: £26 million).

Key performance indicators

  2022 2021 2020
Vessels 3,726 4,006 3,803
Tonnage 154,613,000 160,304,000 167,466,000
Navigational Safety
Vessel movements 11,510 11,901 10,491
Level 1 (major) navigational incidents 0 0 0
Level 2 (minor) navigational incidents 2 1 2
Level 3 (hazardous) navigational incidents 16 15 14
Pilotage Service
Pilotage acts 3,445 3,455 3,707
Tonnage piloted 149,294,000 157,635,000 184,019,000
External acts 2,969 2,727 2,663
Disposed volume (m3) Maintenance Dredge 1,413,902 wet tonnage 2,977,617 2,267,289
Disposed volume (m3) Capital Dredge 17,693,469 wet tonnage 1,659,529
Employees 117 112 116
Accidents 2 6 2
Of which were lost time accidents
Of which were reportable


Performance against Safety Plan for Marine Operations

Function Action By Status
Vessel Traffic Service Maintain > 99% service availability Yearly, board reportable KPI 100% service
MSMS System Undertake a root and branch review of the Marine Safety Management System and publish a revised version 2024 Ongoing, progressing well
MSMS System Review and publish General Directions for Navigation & Pilotage Directions 2022 Completed 2022
Emergency Response Undertake live exercise deployment of oil spill Tier 1 equipment and tabletop exercise in accordance with OPRC regulations. Each calendar year Ongoing, progressing well
Emergency Response Multi-agency Live Exercise in accordance with the Civil Contingencies Act and Category 2 obligations. 2021 Adler 6, 2022 Adler 7, 2023 Adler 8 Ongoing, progressing well
PMSC Audit 1/ Successful completion of internal PMSC audit – no NC
2/ Successful completion of external audit – no NC
Audit to be scheduled each calendar year Ongoing, progressing well
Aids to Navigation Maintain >99% availability (reporting period Jan- Dec) Board reportable KPI 99.66% AtoN availability
Aids to Navigation Respond to defective AtN and rectify within 48 hrs. Board reportable KPI 4 out of 5 failures successfully rectified within 24 hours.
Incidents KPI – <0.3 per 100 movements (reporting period Jan- Dec) Board reportable KPI Incident rate 0.116 per 100 movements
Delayed provision of
KPI <0.5 per 100 piloted movements (reporting period Jan- Dec) Board reportable KPI Delayed provision of pilot rate 0.308 per 100 piloted movements
Leisure Vessels Undertake a safety review of leisure moorings within HHA area of jurisdiction 2023 Ongoing, progressing well
Vessel Traffic Service Replace VTS and Marine Information System 2023 Ongoing, progressing well