The Board

Our Board members are independent of all stakeholder groups, provide valuable expertise and support us with our vision to be an exemplary trust port offering world class services, working with all stakeholders for a flourishing Haven.

The Board consists of nine members; one executive director – Chief Executive Sarah West – and eight non-executive directors. The Secretary of State for Transport appoints the Chairman and four non-executive directors and the Authority appoints three non-executive directors and two executive directors.

Non-executive appointments are advertised against a specific criteria and members serve a 3-year term, which is renewable once.

Our Board conduct themselves within, and make decisions based on, eight behavioural values, which have been adapted from The Nolan Principles.


The Authority is an independent statutory body. All directors are appointed to act independently in the best interests of the Authority and of its stakeholders, both present and future.


Directors are accountable for their decisions and actions to stakeholders of the Authority, and should submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.


Directors should be as open as possible with all stakeholders about the decisions and actions they take. They should publicise the reasons for their decisions and restrict information only to the extent that matters of commercial or personal confidentiality are involved.


Directors should take decisions solely in terms of the interest of stakeholders of the Authority. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family and friends or any group or organisation with whom they are associated.


Directors should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might influence them in the performance of their official duties.


In carrying out Authority business, including making appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, Directors should make choices on merit.


Directors have a duty to declare any private interests which might influence their Authority duties, and to take steps to resolve any conflict arising, in a way that protects the interests of stakeholders of the Authority.


Directors should promote and support these principles (and ensure that they are adopted by fellow directors) by leadership and through example.