Community fund

Harwich Haven Authority has two community funds, which were established in 2018. The expected grant giving potential of both funds over a five year period will be approximately £290,000.

A yearly fund of £50,000 is managed by the Essex Community Foundation and is intended to benefit communities located in the immediate area of Harwich and Dovercourt.

A second yearly fund of £25,000 is managed by the Suffolk Community Foundation and is intended to benefit initiatives on the Suffolk side of the Rivers Orwell and Stour.

Harwich Haven Authority also makes a yearly contribution of £5,000 to the Port Community Fund, which is managed by the Suffolk Community Foundation.

To find out more about the funds or to make a grant application go to:

Essex Community Foundation www.essexcommunityfoundation.org.uk or call 01245 356018.

Suffolk Community Foundation www.suffolkcf.org.uk or call 01473 602602

Some initiatives supported by the Harwich Haven Authority in 2017

Each year – in support of our trust port status and values – we collaborate, support and fund activities and events across our different stakeholder groups. Last year the Authority was able to fund community grass root initiatives, tourism-focused events and activities focused on young people.

Harwich and Dovercourt High School
As a local employer we’re very keen to support initiatives that enable young people to fulfil their potential. We sponsored a ‘Reading for life initiative’ aimed at the new Year 7 intake at our local school to engage them to take responsibility for their own reading development.

The Harwich International Sea Shanty festival
Harwich comes comes alive to the sounds of shanties and sea songs and this truly special event should not be missed. We are delighted to one of the festival’s sponsors and we’ll be supporting this event across the weekend of 5-7 October.

Harwich Arts Festival
We are always delighted to support our local arts festival. Each year the organised events and activities attract thousands of visitors to the town as well as local people from both Harwich and Dovercourt.

Historic Harwich
To support the town’s tourism offering the Authority supported the development of new website, which will a great platform for local businesses to showcase what they have to offer. It’s also a great vehicle to promote the forthcoming Mayflower2020 celebrations.