Whistleblowing Policy


The Harwich Haven Authority (the Authority) is opposed to all forms of illegal activity and malpractice whether arising from within the Authority or from its suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors and customers.

If third parties have any concerns about suspected malpractice or illegal activity relating to the Authority, the Authority encourages them to raise the issue. The Board of the Authority will take your concerns seriously and wish to encourage you to report any suspected malpractices or illegal activity detailed in section 2.1 below.

This policy:

  • Provides the basis on which contractors and suppliers can raise any such concerns they may have and receive feedback on action taken
  • Allows contractors and suppliers to take matters further if they are dissatisfied with the Authority’s response
  • Applies to contractors working for the Authority
  • Applies to customers contracting with the Authority
  • Applies to suppliers and service providers under a contract with the Authority
  • Applies to members of the public and people working in partnership with the Authority e.g. volunteers

When to use the policy

This policy covers any concerns about illegal activity and malpractice; including:

  • Conduct which is an offence or a breach of the law
  • Conduct you believe to be a significant breach of a contract with the Authority
  • Harassment
  • Racial, gender, sexual, disability or other discrimination
  • Health and safety risks, including risks to the public and/or other employees
  • Damage to the environment
  • Unauthorised use of public funds or other assets
  • Possible fraud or corruption
  • Neglect or abuse of clients
  • Other improper conduct

How to raise a concern

If you have a concern about suspected or potential malpractice, you should initially contact any of the officers listed below:

You should expect to receive a response within two weeks of submitting your complaint to the Authority.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your complaint or if your complaint involves the CEO then you may contact the Chair of the Board who will ensure that your complaint is investigated with an initial response within two weeks.


Neil Glendinning, CEO

Date of issue: 28 April 2022