As a designated trust port we are not driven by profit. Instead, we’re accountable to our stakeholders who benefit from a safe, sustainable environment.

We make every effort to engage, and collaborate, with stakeholders to better understand their needs and requirements. From yacht clubs and community groups, to ports and shipping companies we welcome stakeholder feedback, which we use to inform our planning and improve services.

Government bodies

As a major stakeholder we regularly meet with the Department for Transport (DfT) to discuss governance, best practice, performance and future plans. Harwich Haven Authority is one of UK’s largest trust ports and we will continue to work closely with DfT to maintain our beneficial and robust relationship.

Our work with local authorities is key to safeguarding Harwich Haven and the people who use it. As part of the Haven Gateway Partnership, we work alongside local authorities including Tendring District Council, Colchester Borough Council, Essex County Council and Mid Suffolk District Council to promote economic development across five ports in the area.

To protect the marine environment, we also work closely with organisations such as Natural England and RSPB.

Commercial Users

To ensure the safe passage of vessels to and from the Haven’s five commercial ports, we liaise with the ABP Port of Ipswich, Port of Felixstowe, Harwich International, Harwich Dock Company and Mistley Quay Forwarding. Our operational meetings provide opportunities to discuss topics ranging from harbour development to navigational safety.


Supporting our local community is important to us.  We donate to charities such as the Parkeston Welfare Park and Harwich Foodbank, and contribute to the Port Community Fund. We provide local young people with work experience opportunities and regularly visit schools to raise awareness about our work.

One of our key responsibilities in the Haven is to preserve community assets such as the historically important Ha’penny Pier.


Our employees are integral to our success. To support them in their roles we offer a range of training opportunities and encourage both personal and professional development.

We also offer opportunities for young employees, including apprenticeships that help build careers in the marine industry. Find out more about career opportunities.

Recreational users

During the summer the Haven, Stour and Orwell rivers are busy with people sailing, boating, water-skiing and enjoying other past times.

To keep everyone safe, we provide information such as tide tables and a yachting guide. We also hold regular meetings with yacht clubs in the area to ensure everyone is kept up to date with any issues that might affect their enjoyment.

“I have found Harwich Haven Authority to be very helpful. Although a big organisation, they are always happy to help HASA and sailors, and they always let us know about planned activity such as dredging, which is enormously useful.”

Brenda Read, Chair of the Harwich Area Sailing Association (HASA)