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Collecting samples from Horsey Island

15 October 2021

Collecting recharge material samples with our joint venture contractors over at Horsey Island.

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Securing the future of Essex’s little terns

11 October 2021

Kieren Alexander, Site Manager, RSPB Old Hall Marshes, explains why the Horsey Island recharge project will secure the future of the most important little tern colony in Essex. Find out more.

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It’s start day for our channel deepening project

05 October 2021

Beautiful day in the Haven to start our £120 million channel deepening project with our joint venture contractors Boskalis and Van Oord. Work will start on the first of two planned beneficial placement projects using materials from the dredge to support a RSPB habitat initiative on Horsey Island, Essex. Read more. Read our latest Notice […]

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How will the channel be deepened?

27 September 2021

The harbour and channel will be deepened mainly using trailer hopper suction dredgers (TSHD) which suck material from the sea bed as they move slowly through the water. TSHDs are self-contained dredging units which pump sediments from the sea bed via a suction pipe or pipes (2), into an inboard hopper. Whilst slowly moving forward, […]

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Wildlife in the Haven

24 September 2021

A number of fish species are present in the dredge area, including prey species for birds and marine mammals and commercially important species such as sole, bass, skates and rays. There are a number of herring spawning grounds within the wider Outer Thames Estuary area. The Stour and Orwell estuaries offer nursery grounds for species […]

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What are the potential impacts of dredging the harbour?

23 September 2021

The Authority has commissioned a wide range of studies to consider the potential impact of the works on the environment. Consultants have looked at tidal flows, waves, sand and mud movement and the effects on flood defences. The impacts on water and air quality have been assessed, together with fish, marine mammals, birds, navigation and […]

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Navigation and archaeology in the Haven

22 September 2021

Commercial and recreational navigation Given that the approach channel provides access to Felixstowe, Harwich International Port, ABP Ipswich and Mistley (amongst others), there is a high level of commercial vessel traffic within the approach channel, as well as commercial fishing and recreational vessels.  HHA is responsible for the navigational safety and traffic regulation of all […]

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Why do we need to deepen the harbour?

21 September 2021

Why do we need to deepen the harbour? Felixstowe is the biggest and busiest container port in the country. Currently almost 40% of all UK containers come through Felixstowe. The Haven ports (Felixstowe, Harwich, Ipswich and Mistley) form a vital regional and national transport hub. The container ships with the deepest draft (underwater depth) can […]

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Channel Deepening project overview

20 September 2021

Deepening the harbour and channel from the existing -14.5m (plus tide) to -16.0m (plus tide). No extension of dredging – all within the existing channel limits. Most material will be disposed of at sea in a licensed disposal area, about 22 miles offshore, in 50m of water. Some material will be placed in beneficial projects […]

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Dredging contractor appointed for major UK channel deepening project in the Harwich Haven

21 July 2021

Harwich Haven Authority announces that following a rigorous tendering process they have awarded the contract to deepen the Harwich approach channel and the Harbour to a joint venture of Dutch dredging contractors, Royal Boskalis Westminster and Van Oord. This nationally significant improvement project, costing approximately £120 million, is privately financed by the Harwich Haven Authority, […]

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Harwich Haven Authority receives ‘green light’ for major harbour improvement project

05 November 2020

Harwich Haven Authority today announces that their licence application to carry out major improvement works, which includes increasing the depth of Harwich Harbour and the deep water access channel, has been approved by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO). The decision follows extensive environmental studies and public consultation with stakeholders who have an interest in the […]

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