For more than 900 years, Harwich has attracted trade from across the world. With its deep natural estuary it continues to contribute to the UK’s economic growth.

To safeguard this important driver of wealth and employment, Harwich Haven Authority was established by act of Parliament in 1863. As a trust port, we’re responsible for preserving 150 square miles of the Haven; with 40% of the country’s container traffic travelling through the area, our role is critical to its ongoing success and development.

We also ensure the safety of everyone using the harbour. Our Pilotage, Vessel Traffic Services and supporting marine services work to keep the Haven flowing night and day.

As an independent organisation with no shareholders we generate income through the services we provide. This enables us to reinvest surplus profits for the benefit of our stakeholders. We’re accountable to our many stakeholders including The Department of Transport, local authorities, environmental groups, sailors, residents, community groups and our employees.  We also maintain a continuous dialogue with them to ensure we’re providing a Haven that meets everyone’s needs.

“We’re dedicated to our role in the community of safeguarding Harwich Haven – a place of international importance that so many of us depend on, often without knowing it. We’re continually progressing to meet the changing needs of trade and local communities, while protecting the delicate balance and beauty of the local environment.”

Neil Glendinning, CEO

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