Vessel Traffic Services

Just as airports use traffic control to track and guide planes safely to the runway, our Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) assist the navigation of  ships to their berths, and back out to sea.

We have legal powers that allow us to control harbour traffic 24 hours a day. Working in shifts and according to strict regulations, our trained VTS teams constantly communicate with vessels – mainly over VHF radio.

To monitor traffic movement in our bustling harbour, we also use the latest technology including radar and tracking of Automated Identification System (AIS) – technology that provides the location and identity of vessels.

We also distribute wind and tide data, navigational warnings, traffic updates and other key information, and post Notices to Mariners and Port Information Notices online.

If we think a vessel is in danger, our experienced team launches various levels of response, from offering navigational advice over radio to sending out a patrol boat to urgently guide the vessel back to safety.