04-2013: Notification of new or new generation vessels

24 May 2013

Owners, Operators and Agents are notified of the Authority’s requirements for notification of new generation of vessels.

Port Marine Safety Code

The Port Marine Safety Code requires the Authority to undertake a formal risk assessment of all identified marine and navigational hazards within the Authority’s area of jurisdiction. New or new generation vessels may require formal risk assessment in respect to the vessels’ characteristics, berths, operational procedures, etc. prior to visiting the Authority’s area.

Risk Assessment Process

The risk assessment process with regards to time, planning, preparation and review is dependent on the new or new generation vessels’ characteristics in relation to vessels already visiting the Haven Ports.  Any vessel with significantly differing characteristics (length, beam, depth, windage area, manoeuvring capability, etc.) may require simulation studies, pilot familiarisation and a review of relevant operational procedures, in order to complete the risk assessment.

Notification of New or New Generation Vessels

To ensure the avoidance of any unwanted difficulties or delays Owners, Operators and Agents are required to give the Authority as much notice as possible prior to such a vessels intended first visit to any of the Haven ports.

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