Jim wins Outstanding Achievement Award at the BPA Conference

20 October 2023

Harwich Haven Authority’s Construction and Dredging Manager, Jim Warner, received recognition at the British Ports Association Conference last night (Thursday 19 October 2023).

Jim was delighted to accept the Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of his work developing an innovative new dredging technology called Tiamat. Jim invented Tiamat as a new form of hydrodynamic dredging that works with tidal processes to minimise the loss of fine sediments from the estuarine system, supporting the natural evolution of habitats such as mudflats and saltmarsh, which host important populations of water birds and other species.

Prior to the completion of the Authority’s £130 million channel deepening project, which increased the channel depth from 14.5m to 16m below chart datum, around five Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) campaigns were typically contracted to removing approx. 2 – 2.5 million m3 of silt from the harbour each year.

The effectiveness of the Tiamat means that in 2024, with the deeper channel, the Authority will be contracting for only 3 TSHD campaigns, alongside 3 Tiamat campaigns. This will reduce the Authority’s dredging costs by two thirds and lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from maintenance dredging by 65%.

The Authority has been so impressed by the results of the Tiamat in the Haven, it set up Haven Dredging Ltd, to offer this innovative technology to other dredging authorities, companies, ports and harbours.

As the inventor of the Tiamat, Jim has worked tirelessly to trial, moderate and improve the technology for commercial success. With over 10 years’ experience in harbour engineering and more than 30 years’ experience in civil engineering and construction, the Authority are immensely proud that Jim’s hard work has been honoured by the BPA.


Jim Warner, Construction and Dredging Manager said:

“I was delighted to receive the award at last night’s BPA Conference Award ceremony. It was an honour to represent the Authority and be recognised by my peers for my work in the field of dredging, marine surveying and harbour engineering. I am really looking forward to seeing how the new Tiamat technology in the Harwich Haven area progresses and hopefully expands to new clients worldwide.”


Marcus Pearson, Interim ESG Director said:

“It was great to be with Jim last night at the BPA Conference and fantastic that he was recognised for the Outstanding Achievement Award for all his dedicated work maintaining the navigational channels into Harwich, and also developing new technology with the Tiamat, which will have significant benefits to the environment and in reducing our carbon emissions. I look forward to working with Jim next year as we look into a programme of beneficial use for the dredge materials for a number of projects in the Haven and surroundings coastal areas.”


Sarah West, CEO of Harwich Haven Authority said:

“The BPA Conference is a prestigious annual event and we wanted to mark the second year of BPA awards by nominating a member of our team for an Outstanding Achievement.  It was very hard to select just one person when all our colleagues consistently give 110%, however, Jim stood out to us for having delivered significant environmental and cost benefits, both to us a business and potentially to the wider maritime sector too. Jim’s development of the Tiamat technology and subsequent recognition at the BPA awards demonstrate to all his commitment – and Harwich Haven Authority’s support of – positive, environmental change for the port sector.”

From L- R: Bonnie Caleno, Sarah West, Marcus Pearson, Jake Storey and Jim Warner


Jim Warner pictured here receiving his award