Harwich Haven Authority becomes the first UK Trust Port to achieve ISO 14001:2015 certification

01 March 2017

Harwich Haven Authority is extremely proud to achieve the revised 2015 version of the Environmental Management Standard – ISO14001 – which has been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA).

Achievement of this internationally recognised standard is keenly sought by many organisations who place importance on the environmental impact they make. Key improvements to the revised standard include:

  • A greater commitment from leadership
  • An increased alignment with strategic direction
  • Greater protection for the environment, with a focus on proactive initiatives
  • More effective communications, driven through a robust communications strategy
  • Life-cycle thinking that considers the impact of service provision at all stages.

“We were really keen to progress to the revised standard because environmental management is core to our strategic planning,” says chief executive officer Neil Glendinning.

“We work within a highly regulated industry and achieving ISO14001:2015 supports us to both achieve our objectives and continually improve the way we operate.

“Throughout the certification process we were supported by the LRQA who supplied clear, easy to understand collateral and were always available to answer questions.”

About LRQA: Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) is the world’s leading provider of independent assessment services including certification, validation, verification and training across a broad spectrum of standards and schemes, with recognition from over 50 accreditation bodies.

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