Harwich Haven Authority’s Beach School focuses on the environment and trade in the Haven

03 September 2021

Harwich Haven Authority has partnered with Harwich-based Seaside Explorers to deliver free, week long Beach School sessions to children aged between 3 and 12-years old.

The two-hour sessions are focused on two key themes, the harm plastic is having on our oceans, seas and rivers and the big ships that arrive each day to the Haven ports.

A free hot lunch is also being provided for all children and their accompanying parent or guardian, which is in support of the national Holiday Hunger scheme.

Over the course of the week we are expecting nearly 200 children to join us, along with their families, to learn more about the local environment and to understand more about how and why the Haven is such an important UK trade gateway.

“It’s been great to partner up with Libby Scarfe who runs Seaside Explorers as her enthusiasm and passion for the environment is infectious,” says Fiona Brunning, Corporate Affairs Manager, Harwich Haven Authority.

“The environment is a key focus for the Authority and these fun-based sessions are a great way to educate and engage not just younger members of the community but their Mums and Dads too.

“Some of the activities we have developed include creating container vessels from cardboard and learning how vessels safely navigate the Harbour channel to bring goods from faraway places that we use every day.  Each Beach School session begins with a 2-minute beach clean and throughout the week the children will be building a large Octopus sculpture from items they find.

“As a designated trust port our focus is very much on supporting the local community through initiatives such as Beach School. We have received very positive feedback about the value of this event and we hope it will be a regular event in our calendar.”

Essex County Councillor Ivan Henderson commented: “My wife Jo and I spent a really enjoyable morning with more than 40 children and their families at the Harwich Haven Authority Beach School.

“I cannot praise the Authority enough for initiating events such as this in and around our local community because they enrich local children’s learning so much.

“In addition to the wonderful learning activities that covered important subjects such as the environment and trade in the Harbour each family was provided with a free healthy cooked lunch. A gesture that was very well received by some members of the community who struggle to cope with the additional demands the school holiday make to their budget.


Image credit: Top banner – Libby Scarfe from Seaside Explorers led the fun-based sessions | Left – Harrison Emery, 8 with sisters River, 4 and Beau, 3 | Middle – Banksy-inspired graffiti art along the sea wall | Right – Laura Wood and Cruz Healey, 3