What are the potential impacts of dredging the harbour?

23 September 2021

The Authority has commissioned a wide range of studies to consider the potential impact of the works on the environment. Consultants have looked at tidal flows, waves, sand and mud movement and the effects on flood defences. The impacts on water and air quality have been assessed, together with fish, marine mammals, birds, navigation and archaeology.

All the documents have been brought together in an Environmental Statement which has been submitted to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), the UK government regulator which issues Marine Works Licences.

The Environmental Statement concludes that the impacts of the project in all the areas considered are either negligible, or at worst, minor adverse effects which will not lead to significant loss or damage.

The MMO consulted its own expert advisors and sought comments from all interested parties before making a decision on the project.

Who decides whether this can be done? The Marine Management Organisation is a Government Agency which considers all the scientific evidence before making a decision and imposing conditions.

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