The 2021 Swim Safe programme is back with a splash

29 July 2021

Harwich Haven Authority joined Swim England and RNLI down on Dovercourt beach, Harwich on Monday 26 July to capture some of the activity going on at the Swim Safe sessions, they are funding.

“It was great to see the Swim Safe sessions in action. The benefits to the children are clear to see, and I was surprised how quickly they became engaged with the Swim Safe teachers.” says Harwich Haven Authority’s HSSE Manager, Mitch Paris.

“This is a much needed initiative, encouraging and teaching children how to be safe in and around open water, be it seas, rivers, lakes or quarries.”

Essex Marine Police also attended the event to show their support. PC John Perry commented, “Thank you to Harwich Haven Authority for the opportunity to be part of this amazing learning opportunity. We are passionate about water safety and feel really inspired by the hard work put in by these young children as they learnt to swim today!”

Swim Safe teacher, Emma Mackillop added, “I’m extremely proud to be one of the Harwich Swim Safe teachers. The team really enjoy delivering our sessions, and we can’t thank Harwich Haven Authority enough for their continued support and funding!”

The Swim Safe initiative aligns to Harwich Haven Authority’s remit as a trust port and supports their involvement with the Tendring-wide Sea Safety Forum.

Places are still available on some of the remaining sessions (7 – 10 August 2021). Please share this great initiative with your friends and family. Spaces can be booked online.

Harwich Haven Authority employees handed out goodie bags to children attending the event. 

Left to right – Harwich Haven Authority CEO, Neil Glendinning with PC John Perry from Essex Marine Police / Swim Safe teacher, Emma Mackillop led one of the sessions.