New environmentally beneficial collaboration for Harwich Haven Authority

30 July 2018

The East of England’s largest trust port – Harwich Haven Authority – is working with local social enterprise North Essex Wood Recycling to ensure their waste timber materials are repurposed in an environmentally beneficial way.

North Essex Wood Recycling (NEWR), a self-sustaining, community based social enterprise collects waste timber from organisations across the county. They differ from other waste collection services because they upcycle or if that isn’t possible they recycle the wood they collect.

In addition to repurposing items that can be sold, NEWR reinvests its profits back into the project to create jobs, training and volunteering opportunities for people living in the local area.

“We were really keen to work with NEWR as their business ethos is very much aligned to what we do,” says Neil Glendinning, Chief Executive Officer, Harwich Haven Authority.

“As a trust port we exist to conserve, protect and improve the Haven, which includes Harwich Harbour and the Rivers Stour and Orwell. We do this by reinvesting any surplus  back into the Haven to ensure it can be enjoyed by everyone.

“We are also committed to reduce the waste we produce as an organisation. Our change initiatives include, switching from disposable plastic cups to glasses, installing recycling bins in every office and changing our waste supplier to ensure we can recycle plastic waste more efficiently.

“We’ve also launched an awareness campaign aimed at users of the Haven – Turn the Tide on Plastics – which encourages both residents and visitors to keep plastic and other rubbish out of our rivers and seas.”

Picture caption: left to right – George Hargrave and Kevin Fletcher, NEWR.
Taking delivery of the first batch of waste wood from Harwich Haven Authority.