Harwich Haven Authority tariffs information for 2020

09 December 2019

We will increase both conservancy and pilotage tariffs for 2020 by 3.5%. Our tariff information can be found at www.hha.co.uk/tariffs . All charges will come into effect on 1 January 2020.

As a trust port we do not price our services to provide a profit for shareholders and any surplus we generate is invested back into the business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Despite our high level of fixed costs, we continuously examine our costs to ensure we remain competitive and continue to provide good value to our customers. However, the global economic landscape, including the weakness in sterling and inflationary pressures, and the level of traffic has meant that we will be increasing our pilotage and conservancy tariffs for 2020.

We will maintain our fuel surcharge of £20 per pilotage act. This surcharge will remain in force as long as fuel prices remain above 65 pence per litre.

PEC charges will increase to £100 per act inclusive of PNPF