Coronavirus preventative measures

11 March 2020

To ensure our operations continue to run smoothly at the Haven Ports and the flow of  food and other essential supplies into the United Kingdom is maintained we have introduced the following measures to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus:

  • All vessels arriving in the Haven from foreign ports must submit a Maritime Declaration of Health before a pilot boards the vessel or that vessel is allowed into port.
  • We have closed our Vessel Traffic Services Operations Centre at Harwich to all non-essential staff. In addition to this restriction all areas of the Operation Centre, including instruments and handsets will be thoroughly and regularly cleaned with suitable cleaning products.
  • Cleaning practices have been reinforced across our premises and aboard our fleet of vessels. In addition all personnel using our Pilot Launches or visiting our premises will be asked to use hand sanitising products on entry and exit.
  • All non-essential face to face meeting, both on and off our premises, have been cancelled or rearranged to use video conferencing technology.

We will continue to monitor the situation and review our procedures as the advice of the UK Government, World Health Organisation and the Port Health Authority evolves.