30-2021: Harwich Harbour and Approaches – seasonal recreational marks

18 October 2021

On or around the 18th of October 2021 the following seasonal recreational marks will be withdrawn:

(Positions given are WGS 84):


Yellow Cone Buoy

51º 53′.55 N 001º 18′.00 E
Cork Ledge Racing Mark

Yellow Can Buoy

51º 54′.50 N
001º 23′.40 E
Armada Racing Mark

Yellow Can Buoy

51º 52′.83 N
001º 22′.19 E

Yellow Conical Buoy

51º 54′.00 N 001º 21′.00 E
Cobbolds Point Buoy

Green Conical Buoy

51º 57′.64 N
001º 22′.16 E




Dovercourt Bay

Yellow Spherical Buoys



51°55’.97 N
001°17’.39 E
51°55’.81 N
001° 16’.99 E
51º 55′.65 N
001º 16′.59 E
51º 55′.63 N
001º 16′.55 E
51 °55‘.40 N 001°16‘.48 E
51º 55′.18 N 001º 16′.42 E
Shotley Horse

Yellow Pillar Buoy

51º 57’.32 N 001º 17’.46 E
Speed Limit Marker Buoy

Yellow Spherical Buoy

51º 56’.48 N 001º 07’.24 E
Beacon Hill

Yellow Can Buoy

51°56’.460N 001°17.850’E


Please note that Harwich Shelf East Cardinal Buoy remains in position.

Harwich Shelf

East Cardinal Buoy

51°56’.84N 001°18’07E

Positions given are WGS 84

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