04-2019: Harwich VTS – VHF radio system and telephone system replacement works

Mariners are advised that on or about Monday 10th June 2019 works will be carried out to replace the existing VTS VHF radio and telephone operating system with a new digital system. This work is expected to take 3 days to complete.

Resilience systems will be in use by Harwich VTS during the duration of these works and external stakeholders may experience a reduction in operational VHF radio range for a short period of time or a delay in telephone calls being answered.

If you encounter voice communication difficulties with Harwich VTS or Pilots during the duration of these works please call Harwich Haven Authority Reception on 01255 243030 (during office hours) and asked to be transferred to the VTS Centre or email VTS directly via hha.vts@hha.co.uk

Out of office hours the following mobile telephone numbers will be in operation:

Harwich VTS 07739 708489 Sunk and Haven Pilots 07739 708490

A further notice will be issued on completion of these essential works.

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