46-2022: Harwich Haven Chanel Deepening Project: Temporary buoy moves

01 August 2022

On or around 2 August 2022 a number of navigation buoys will be moved to temporary positions, approximately 50m outside their assigned positions to allow for channel dredging.

The approximate temporary positions for the buoys to be moved are shown in the table below:

Buoy Name:Distance moved:Direction moved:Latitude:Longitude:
No. 1 Buoy 50m51°56.162’N001°27.058’E
No. 2 Buoy 50m180°51°55.886’N001°27.320’E
No. 3 Buoy 50m51°56.074’N001°25.536’E
No. 4  Buoy 50m180°51°55.804’N001°25.833’E
No. 5 Buoy 50m51°55.989’N001°24.013’E
No. 6 Buoy 50m180°51°55.720’N001°24.347’E
No. 7 Buoy 50m356°51°55.905’N001°22.487’E
No. 8 Buoy 50m180°51°55.639’N001°22.858’E
Cliff Foot Buoy50m205°51°55.706’N001°18.501’E

The table below shows the approximate location of all buoys temporarily moved from their assigned positions:

Buoy Name:Distance moved:Direction moved:Latitude:Longitude:
Beach End Buoy50m205°51°55.644’N001°19.231’E
Cliff Foot Buoy50m.66°51°55.706’N001°18.501’E
Deane Buoy50m.51°55.343’N001°19.270’E
Fort Buoy50m.270°51°56.206’N001°18.916’E
Landguard Buoy30m.322°51° 55.440’N001° 18.817’E
Inner Ridge Buoy50m.356°51°55.357’N001°20.204’E
North-West Beach Buoy50m.247°51°55.897’N001°18.913’E
Pitching Ground Buoy50m.352°51°55.410’N001°21.051’E
Platters Buoy50m.158°51°55.671’N001°20.952’E
Rolling Ground Buoy50m.177°51°55.577’N001°19.752’E
South Shelf Buoy50m.95°51°56.165’N001°18.465’E
No. 1 Buoy TEMP50m51°56.162’N001°27.058’E
No. 2 Buoy TEMP50m180°51°55.886’N001°27.320’E
No. 3 Buoy TEMP50m51°56.074’N001°25.536’E
No. 4  Buoy TEMP50m180°51°55.804’N001°25.833’E
No. 5 Buoy TEMP50m51°55.989’N001°24.013’E
No. 6 Buoy TEMP50m180°51°55.720’N001°24.347’E
No. 7 Buoy TEMP50m356°51°55.905’N001°22.487’E
No. 8 Buoy TEMP50m180°51°55.639’N001°22.858’E
Cross Buoy50m.51°56.203’N001°30.471’E
Haven Buoy50m.211°51°55.738’N001°32.541’E

The buoys will be moved back to their designated positions once the dredging is completed.

A separate Notice to Mariners will be issued when the buoys are relocated.

For detailed information regarding this operation, please contact Harwich VTS (VHF 71) or listen to the daily Channel Deepening VHF broadcasts (VHF 11).

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