41-2018: Pipeline towage operation

Mariners are advised that between 07:15 hrs and 11:00 hrs on Saturday 20th October 2018 one of the pipelines moored on the temporary mooring installation in the River Stour (Reference Notice to Mariners No 17 of 2018) will be taken off the temporary mooring and towed to sea.

Mariners are reminded that the pipelines are approximately one kilometre in length. Traffic management restrictions will apply during the towage operation.

All vessels must declare their intention to navigate between the temporary moorings in the River Stour and Landguard Point to Harwich VTS during the period 07:15 hrs and 11:00 hrs on Saturday 20th October 2018 via VHF channel 71 or telephone.

The temporary moorings are positioned in the River Stour between the following approximate positions.

51 ̊   56.96 N       0001 ̊ 12.00 E         to           51 ̊   56.93 N       0001 ̊  12.93 E

The following vessels will be involved in the towage operation; Duke of Normandy, Forth Warrior, GPS Battler, C-Fenna and the Celtic Guardian.

It is anticipated that the towage operation will follow the track highlighted below;

The remaining pipeline will also be towed to sea over the near future. Further notification will be provided via Notice to Mariners.

Please note that all times are given in BST.

Details of the operation can be obtained from Harwich VTS on VHF channel 71.

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