35-2024: Temporary Deployment of Scientific Instruments – Update 1

10 June 2024

On or around 11 – 12 June 2024, scientific equipment (ADCP) will be recovered from Site 1 in the Rough Shoals and relocated to Site 2, NE of Wadgate Ledge (see table below and pictures in PDF version). The instrument will remain at Site 2 for approximately 2 months duration or until this notice is withdrawn.

Description Equipment Latitude Longitude
Site 1 ADCP 51o 55’.106 N 001 o 30’.665 E
Site 2 ADCP 51o 56’.804 N 001 o 22’.598 E

The scientific instrument will stand approximately 2m in height above the sea bed and will be marked with two special mark buoys, flashing a yellow light every 2.5 seconds, positioned NE / SW either side of the instrument.

Mariners are advised to navigate with additional caution in this area and pass well clear of the temporary buoys.

This notice replaces 21-2024: Temporary Deployment of Scientific Instruments, which is now withdrawn.

Download the PDF version