34-2021: Survey operations and maintenance dredging

28 October 2021

Survey Operations

 On or around the 31 October 2021 the survey vessel Geo Focus (IMO number 962885) will start survey operations within Harwich Harbour and approaches for approximately three weeks.

The Geo Focus will tow a remotely operated vehicle when undertaking surveys covering Harwich Harbour and the Deep-Water Channel, out to no. 1 & 2 buoys.  Her expected survey speed will typically be between 2.5 and 4 knots and will be sailing lines along the channel at close centres.

On 30 October 2021 the Geo Focus will deploy a frame on the seabed to enable testing of the survey equipment in the Cork Hole in the following WGS84 location:

51°54’20.4”N            001°25’26.9”E            

The bed frame will be marked with a buoy and be in place for a number of hours as the Geo Focus sails lines across it. The bed-frame will be removed as soon as the testing is completed.

All operations will be reported to Harwich VTS on VHF 71, please note that all vessels may be subject to additional traffic organisation.

Maintenance Dredging (water injection)

 The vessel Kathy Anne (converted fishing vessel) will arrive in Harwich on or around the 31 October 2021, she will be undertaking maintenance dredging in the Harbour for approximately 5 days.

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