32-2019: Partrac – Notice to Mariners

As part of the Anglian Water Coastal Modelling System Upgrade, Intertek has subcontracted Partrac
Ltd to deploy ten seabed mounted acoustic monitoring devices around the East Anglian Coast.
Weather permitting, these will be deployed during the period 19th to 24th of August 2019.
The devices will remain in the water for a period of 35 days. An update will be made to the Notice to
Mariners prior to the device’s recovery or extension of this period.
This NTM pertains to three devices being deployed to the north and south of Harwich Port, at the
following locations: –

Positions are in WGS84.

All systems are to be deployed utilizing the HHA vessel, the ‘Egret’.

Each of the sites will follow a standard mooring design as represented in the following figure. (shown on the PDF version)
No surface marker buoys will be used.
All equipment will be a maximum of 1.5m above the seabed.

Avoidance to a range of 500m of any operations or equipment is requested.

Contact Information

Monitoring device owner (Partrac Ltd)
• Project Director: Peter Wilson pwilson@partrac.com , Office: 01626 90667,
Mobile: 07793 249 080.

• Project Manager: Ross Flatman rflatman@partrac.com , Mobile: 07792 793 999.
Installation vessel.

• Egret: call sign MNAF, Brian Hill: 01255 252301 / 07740 762690.

Download the PDF version