30-2020: Harwich Haven Authority Pilotage Directions

02 November 2020

The Harwich Haven Authority, as the competent harbour authority exercising the function of providing pilotage services in its own right and on behalf of the Port of Felixstowe, ABP Port of Ipswich and Harwich International Port within the Haven Ports Pilotage Area following appropriate consultation hereby:

  • Revokes the Pilotage Directions 2016 and
  • Gives the following Pilotage Directions to vessels to be known as the Haven Ports Pilotage Directions 2020.

The Harwich Haven Authority Pilotage Directions 2020 shall come into operation on the 30th day of November 2020 and as such the Harwich Haven Authority Pilotage Directions of 2016 will be revoked.

The revised directions clarify the area for which the Authority will provide pilotage upon request seaward of the compulsory area in an area bounded by the following limits and indicated on the chart below:

  • In an easterly direction as far as 01º 41’ E
  • In a southerly direction as far as 51º 49’ N
  • In a northerly direction as far as 52º 00’ N

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