26-2020: Exercise Deployment (Oil Spill Equipment)

Mariners are advised that on the 16th of September 2020 Harwich Haven Authority, in cooperation with its resilience planning partners will undertake an oil spill exercise.  This will involve the deployment of oil spill boom within the Haven.

Harwich VTS will provide traffic organisation on VHF 71. Vessels may be asked to pass with extra caution in specific areas of the harbour.

It is expected that boom will be deployed in the following areas;

  • Southern part of Felixstowe berths
  • Suffolk Yacht Harbour
  • Trinity Pier & Train Ferry Pier

Please note that Harwich International Port Limited will be temporarily deploying a 200mtr length of Inflatable Lightweight Boom (ILB).  The ILB will be installed between the outer most easterly pile on Trinity Pier and a yellow marked standoff plate on the end of the Train Ferry Pier, please see Fig.1.  The ILB will remain connected for approximately 1hr between 0100-1300 but can be disconnected if an urgent matter arises.

Fig.1 (see PDF version)

If able to do so can all mariners remain clear of the water directly surrounding the piers over this period of time.

The ILB will be monitored at all times by the HIP workboat – Copperas Bay

Contact Information:

Harwich International Port Ltd – Senior Manager Operations Support: Nigel Ross 01255 252120

Copperas Bay: Call sign – Workboat Copperas Bay (VHF channel 10)

Download the PDF version