26-2019: Harwich Haven – Harwich International Port – Dredging operations using backhoe and water injection dredging at the eastern end of Parkeston Quay

Mariners are advised that on or about the 31st May 2019 pre-construction dredging operations will commence at the eastern end of Parkeston Quay.
The vessels involved with this operation will be the water injection dredger Doomhamer and the tug Dutch Pioneer (towing the split hopper barge B1002). The backhoe operation at the Parkeston Quay site will be performed from the flattop barge GPS Boxer.
The barge B1002 will be towed between the dredge site at Harwich International Port and the ‘Inner Gabbard East’ disposal site (TH056).
This dredging operation is expected to last for a period of approximately 2 weeks.
All vessels are required to pass the dredge site with caution.
Detailed vessel movements can be obtained from Harwich VTS on VHF Channel 71.
Lights and shapes as required by Collision Regulations will be exhibited and vessels underway will keep a listening watch on VHF Channel 71 and 14.

Notice to Mariners No. 24 of 2019 is cancelled

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