21-2024: Temporary Deployment of Scientific Instruments

05 April 2024

In the week commencing 08 April 2024, scientific equipment will be deployed in the vicinity of the Rough Shoals in the following position (see table 1 and picture in PDF version below) for approximately 2 months duration:

Equipment Lat Long
ADCP 51o 55’.106 N 001 o 30’.665 E

Table 1: GPS co-ordinates of deployed equipment (WGS84 datum)


The scientific instrument will stand approximately 2m in height above the sea bed and will be marked with two special mark buoys, flashing a yellow light every 2.5 seconds, positioned NE / SW either side of the instrument.

Mariners are advised to navigate with additional caution in this area and pass well clear of the temporary buoys.

Download the PDF version