02-2020: Turbidity sensors deployed in Harbour

3 turbidity sensors will be deployed around Harwich Harbour for monitoring purposes. The sensors will be deployed by the Tug “Jean T” in the week commencing 20th January 2020 and will be removed by end of March 2020. The equipment will be a minimum height of 1.5m from the seabed and marked with a lit IALA buoy.




Near Sensor position Depth (m) Minimum depth (m) above sensor
  WGS84 Lat WGS84 long  
Sensor 1 Nr Fort 51 56.162082 N 001 18.868816 E 14.5 13.0
Sensor 2 Nr Pepys 51 57.796893 N 001 16.859822 E 14.5 13.0
Sensor 3 Nr Ganges 51 57.096781 N 001 16.9842 E 8.3 6.8


Details of the mooring setup diagram can be viewed on the PDF version.
Mooring setup
The equipment consists of a mooring and bed frame equipped with a turbidity sensor and a Booner tube. An L-shaped mooring design which will consist of an IALA buoy connected to a clump weight via a chain riser. The clump weight will then connect to a bed frame via a rope ground line. The turbidity sensor will be positioned on the bed frame at approximately 0.5m above the seabed relative to the position of the Booner tube.

Download the PDF version