Harwich Haven Authority receives ‘green light’ for major harbour improvement project

Harwich Haven Authority today announces that their licence application to carry out major improvement works, which includes increasing the depth of Harwich Harbour and the deep water access channel, has been approved by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The decision follows extensive environmental studies and public consultation with stakeholders who have an interest in the Haven.

This nationally significant improvement project, financed privately, will ensure that the Haven ports, particularly the Port of Felixstowe, can operate in the increasingly competitive global container port sector.

The increased depth of the access channel will futureproof access for the growing numbers of super-sized container vessels currently in operation and new vessel builds under construction.

The deepening of the Harbour and approach channel will ensure almost unrestricted access to the Haven ports, which is essential for operators of larger vessels.

The improvements will also secure future trade for the local, regional and national economies and ensure the Haven maintains its role as the UK’s premier container hub.

The project is scheduled to commence in 2021 following a tendering process to appoint a contractor to carry out the improvement works.

Neil Glendinning, Chief Executive Officer, Harwich Haven Authority commented:

“I am delighted that the MMO has granted us the licence to carry out these significant improvements to the Haven’s access channel and harbour.

“This development is critical to the local, regional and national economies and will deliver to our customers the flexibility of access to the port that they need.

“The global ports sector is increasingly competitive and will become even more so post Brexit so it’s vital that port operators in the Haven can compete as the growth in the number of mega-sized vessels continues.”

For further information contact: Fiona Brunning, Communications Manager
Tel: 01255 252310 or 07598282580
Email: fiona.brunning@hha.co.uk

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