14-2018: Container crane ship Zhen Hua 23

Mariners are advised that on or about the 25th of March 2018 (pm tide) the container crane ship Zhen Hua 23 is expected to arrive in Felixstowe with a duration of stay of approximately 12 days.

During the transit both inwards and outwards, the Zhen Hua 23 will require a clear channel from the South Shipwash buoy to her berth at Felixstowe.

At all times during her stay there will be cranes on deck in the boom down position extending into the harbour area, please note that the ends of the booms will not be illuminated.

All vessels are requested to give the Zhen Hua 23 as wide a berth as practicable and to pass with minimum wash at all times.

Details of crane discharge operations will be broadcast by and obtained from Harwich VTS. Lights and shapes as required by the Collision Regulations will be exhibited and a listening watch on VHF channel 71 will be maintained through the operation.

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