Channel Deepening

Harwich Harbour access improvement project: securing future operations

Harwich Haven Authority is seeking to improve the marine access into the Port of Felixstowe and the other Haven Ports, by deepening the harbour and navigation channel. This will enable the Haven Ports  to handle the increasing number of the largest container ship and to accept deeper vessels as they are introduced. These improvements are vital for the long-term, sustainable future of the Haven, its ports and the region.

The project aim is to improve the marine access into Harwich Haven and the Port of Felixstowe by deepening the harbour and channel to a depth of either 15.5m or 16.0m deep (plus tide). This improvement is vital for the local, regional and national economy, to maintain the Haven’s role as the UK premier container hub and to sustain employment and economic activity.

The deepening will involve dredging up to 23M m3 of clay, mud, sand and gravel and stone, most of which will be deposited at sea in licenced disposal areas. It is hoped that some sand and gravel can be used in beneficial schemes for flood protection and conservation._____

The Authority has submitted a consent application to the MMO and hopes to gain consent early in 2020. Works could start in 2021 and be completed during 2022.

Associated Marine Management Organisation licence application documents available to download:

Click here for details of Draft Contract Information Package for potential tenderers