18-2019: Ha’penny Pier mooring facilities 2019

The mooring facilities at Ha’penny pier will be open from Monday 1 April to 27 October 2019
Ha’penny Pier is manned by a pier master between the hours of 0800 and 0900 and 1600 and 1700 (including weekends and bank holidays). During the summer school holidays, the pier is manned between 0800 and 0900 and 1230 and 1730.
During the off season – between 28 October 2019 and 30 March 2020 – the pontoon area is unmanned by Harwich Haven Authority personnel. Vessels may use the berths in accordance to the areas marked on the map (below) but mooring preferences will always be given to fishing vessels. Mooring is free on the Ha’penny Pier pontoons during the off season. However, vessels can only stay in the pontoon area for 24 hours in any 7 day period (requests for longer stays will be granted at the discretion of Harwich Haven Authority). During the off-season we do not provide access to our shower and toilet facilities, which are located on Ha’penny Pier. Out of hours enquiries should be made to pier.master@hha.co.uk

Leisure vessels
Visiting leisure vessels up to 20 metres length overall (LOA) can use the facilities at Ha’penny pier pontoons for a maximum stay of 72 hours. Moorings cannot be booked in advance as we operate on a first come first served basis. Be advised that vessels may be double or triple berthed if the mooring facility is busy and prevailing conditions are suitable.
As shown on the diagram above, the outside berths are prioritised for larger vessels and the inside berths are predominately for smaller crafts. Leisure vessels must not moor in the harbour ferry or unloading areas, which are clearly marked on the map.
Mooring is free between the hours of 0900 and 1600. Outside these hours the fees are as follows for each 24 hour period:
Up to 5 metres LOA 10.00
Over 5 metres and up to 10 metres LOA 15.00
Over 10 metres and up to 15 metres LOA 20.00
Over 15 metres and up to 20 metres LOA 25.00

Larger vessels
Vessels over 20 metres LOA requiring a berth must be registered with the Authority and have pre-booked a berth 24 hours before mooring. You will be provided instructions on how to do this as part of the registration process and invoiced for each visit. To start the registration process, please email your vessel and contact details to hapenny.pier@hha.co.uk
Fees for large vessels are as follows:
Embarking/disembarking passengers 25.00
Overnight mooring 35.00

Operators who are registered charities are entitled to a 50% discount.

Fishing vessels
Fishing vessels are restricted to using the unloading area of the pontoon, which is clearly marked.

How to pay?
Leisure vessels can pay mooring fees directly to the pier master who is located in the office next to the Café on the Pier. Fees will be collected after 1600 and before 0900 the following morning. Cash and electronic payments are accepted.
The area around the Ha’penny Pier pontoons is monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.

Adhering to notices
Please adhere to the warning signage in the pontoon area at all times. Do not remove temporary No Mooring signs in any circumstances. The re-fuelling area – marked on the map – is for the exclusive use of the area’s fishing vessels. Mooring in the area is strictly prohibited at all times.
Access out of hours
The gate at the top of the pontoon gangway will be closed between 17.00 and 08.00. The gate allows visitors to exit the pontoon area, but does require a code to access on return. Visiting craft that intend to stay overnight will be provided with the pontoon gate code on arrival. Visitors using the pontoon after 17.30 who do not intend to stay overnight can obtain the gate’s code by calling 07748 154039. Please note this phone is only manned until 21.00.

Access to facilities
The Toilet and shower facilities located on Ha’penny Pier require a code to access, which will be provided to you by the Pier Master on arrival.
A water tap is located on the inside of the sea defence wall at the entrance of Ha’penny Pier, which is the property of Tendring District Council – 01255 686868.

Access during bad weather
The mooring facility is affected by both wind and tides and sometime it might not be possible to use the facility. During challenging conditions, the bridges between pontoons will be raised to protect them from damage. In such situations skippers should consider the pontoons closed.
Skippers should always ensure that their vessels are securely moored with fenders in place. Our pier master is always happy to advise about wind, tide and mooring conditions.

Harwich Haven Authority accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any vessel, its contents or injury to any person using the facility.
Vessels entering the pontoons are advised to navigate with caution – due to floating moorings – and keep to the port side when entering the pontoons.

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