06-2017: Harwich Harbour and approaches – seasonal recreational marks

On or after the 29th March 2017 the following seasonal recreational marks will be established (positions given are WGS 84):

Yellow Cone Buoy
51º53′.55N 001º18′.0E
Cork Ledge Racing Mark
Yellow Can Buoy
51º54′.50N 001º23′.40E
Armada Racing Mark
Yellow Can Buoy
51º52′.83N 001º22′.19E
Yellow Conical Buoy
51º54′.0N 001º21′.0E
Cobbolds Point Buoy
Green Conical Buoy
51º57′.64N 001º22′.16E
Dovercourt Bay
Yellow Spherical Buoys
51°55’.9731N 001°17’.3968E
51°55’.8129N 001°16’.9954E
51º55′.65N 001º16′.59E
51º55′.63N 001º16′.55E
51°55‘.4050N 001°16‘.4881E
51º55′.18N 001º16′.42E
Shotley Horse
Yellow Pillar Buoy
51º57’.32N 001º17’.46E
Speed Limit Marker Buoy
Yellow Spherical Buoy
51º56’.488N 001º07’.245E

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