Port Information Notices

A list of all current Harwich Haven Authority Port Information Notices are provided below.

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05-2020: Harwich VTS Telephone Numbers
04-2020: Coronavirus – Guidance
03-2020: Pilot transfer arrangements
02-2020: Port waste reception facilities – consultation with customers
05-2019: Live multi-agency maritime emergency response exercise – Adler 4
03-2019: Notice of Regattas, etc. to be given to the Harbour Master
02-2019: Protection of Harwich Haven Authority employees from passive smoking
04-2018: Passage Planning support document
03-2018: Ballast water discharge declaration
02-2018: Information required for Non- Routine Towage Operations
01-2017: PEC revalidation – five yearly practical assessment
04-2016: Arrival information
03-2016: Lateral windage area on ultra large container vessels
06-2015: Pilot transfer arrangements and declaration
05-2015: Safety bulletin
04-2015: Towage guidance
01-2015: Navigation assistance practice for PEC holders
06-2013: Bunkering operations in the Haven area
04-2013: Notification of new or new generation vessels
04-2010: Pilotage Exemption Certificate applicants